Ackk! My Macbook Pro burns!

I’ve noticed for a while that my MacBook Pro has run hot, and I figured it was maybe because it was a 17″ and running lots of apps at once. But today I’m testing the waters to decide if, instead, I want to use my old co-worker’s MBP (a 15″) and it still ran hot!

Being annoyed I decided to see what was up and if anyone had a solution to this.

Lo and behold!


It’s great! It lets you increase the rpm of the internal fans to cool down the machine better. It also allows you to set different fan speeds for charging, plugged in, and while on the battery.

Once installed, smcFanControl showed my MBP running at a scorching 174F. I just kicked up the fans to 6000 rpm to get up the cooling and then dropped it down to a 4500 rpm constant to bring it down to 124F. niiiiiice.

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