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Goin shootin!

I’ve lived in New York for about four years now and before that lived in Detroit where I started my career at Raytheon developing E-Learning solutions. Once I moved to NYC I started with Starwood Hotels and Resorts working initially on Flash for the television and moving to the web dev team after that. I love anything that’s random in terms of coding and am constantly thinking about how best to recreate the seemingly randomness of nature. When not having my face stuck in a computer monitor I try to give as much back to the community as possible by donating time to New York Cares taking kids from Queens to various fun and educational activities. I also dig cooking, good beer, and am addicted to TED.

Thaylin is currently a Senior Flash Developer at R/GA.

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  1. No problem! I hope that you came away with a much better understanding of the subject! I’m also putting together a new library to be hopefully comparable to the adobe facebook actionscript 3.0 api only more fun! 🙂

  2. Have you made any progress with getting into the facebook chat from as3? If so please put up a post or better yet drop me a line. I have a million unsolved questions regarding this.

  3. Hello,
    Came across your site looking for info on how to load a swf file via ajax.
    I like to do a background load so that my page loads faster.
    Do you how to do this?


  4. Sorry for the delay in reply. Hopefully, you’ve already figured this out but if not:
    Are you saying you want a swf file to load via ajax so that your main swf has faster loading times? If that’s the case, look into runtime shared libraries. You user might have an initial load period but any time after that they revisit, assuming they haven’t cleared their cache, the load time will be much shorter.

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