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  • Oh hi there!

    It’s been a while and I’ve been a busy bee. From canvas stuff with EaselJS to developing multi-platform games from Flambe in HaXe I’ve been learning all sorts of new things. I’ll be posting new tidbits of info and nuances about these things that I’ve been learning over the past year and hopefully it’ll help […]

  • Flex 3 Professional free for the unemployed!

    Currently Adobe is offering flex free for anybody who is unemployed! It’s only to be used with non commercial projects as a means to learn with but that’s just awesome. For anyone interested, you can pick it up here:

  • Nas Remix

    I was just watching a video for the Afro Samurai Game (which by the way looks pretty sweet). During the video they play an awesome song which is a remix of Nas One Mic and Ecstasy of Gold. A great mix and I figured I’d share for anyone reading… The audio isn’t super great since […]

  • Windham!

    Today I went to Windham mountain for snowboarding via NYCski. It was incredibly awesome! The temperature was a blistering -15 at the base and -25 at the top of the mountain, but I was able to manage to snap one shot before my fingers couldn’t feel the phone anymore 🙂 The temp did climb later, […]

  • Reading…

    So it’s been a little while since my last post. I’ve been quite busy dealing with work and random visitors into my home. Lately I’ve been working with flex and contrary to my previous belief, I don’t think it’s so bad. Though I still feel a bit limited it does seem to cut down on […]

  • Helping out around Visions Camp for the blind

    So today we went to our NYCares thing at Visions camp somewhere an hour outside of the city. It was awesome. Just helping out and getting everything ready for the camp to come for the summer. All in all, it’s been a very fulfilling day.

  • NY Cares

    Wow, so next Saturday is my first ever New York Cares volunteer work. I kept putting it off for forever but now I’m sticking with it.  I’ll be helping to prep a camp for blind kids called Visions camp. It’s great because it involves things like painting and cleaning up the grounds and since I […]

  • Flexmaniacs

    Ok so I’m in the first seminar for flex maniacs conference. While the keynote was pretty sweet, this skinning seminar is kind of lame. Let’s hope I get at least something out of it.

  • At last

    So after attending the recent Flex Camp Wall Street, I noticed I seem to be a little out of the loop in terms of Flex Development. I’ve been developing RIA’s for Starwood, but it’s only been through straight Actionscript 3 in the Eclipse Flex 3 plug-in.  So in order to see what I’m missing, I’ve […]

  • Flex Camp Wall Heat….

    Omg it is incredibly hot in here. The conference started about an hour ago and I’m sweating balls. Oy. hopefully the things I learn todya will be worth it.