Handy code snippets plugin for Flex/Eclipse

For all of those unaware of snippets, these are code shortcuts to increase coding productivity and are damn handy. For an extended idea of what you can do with these visit this blog post I ran across:

On a side note, the poster doesn’t tell you how to install CFEclipse so I’ll just touch on that real quick so you can use these as your reading the blog post. In Eclipse (assuming 3.4.2 Ganymede), go to help>software updates>Available Software – click on Add Site, add http://www.cfeclipse.org/update, select CFEclipse CFML Editor and choose the latest build. Choose to install and follow the prompts. Once you have that installed you’ll be able to access the Snippet Tree View by going to Window>Show View>Other and opening the CFML folder. There you’ll see the Snippet Tree View. Then visit the blog link below and enjoy using wonderful shortcuts!







2 responses to “Handy code snippets plugin for Flex/Eclipse”

  1. john Avatar

    Found your post about snippets plugin for Flex/Eclipse but have not been able to get it working with Flash Builder 4.0.1. I downloaded/Installed CFEclipse and can add snippets and see them on the tree but have not been able to insert them into the .mxml files. Does this still work?

  2. Thaylin Avatar

    Sorry for the insane delay in response. Been a busy bee.
    I’m not sure that you can use them in mxml files. If you play with the settings in eclipse for that you should be able to see what windows it works for, I believe.

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