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  • Seeing the android API source code

    So looking for all sorts of random things for my current android project I ran across Google Code search. Holy toledo is it great to be able to see the logic (or seemingly illogical things in some cases) that google has behind their APIs. Check out some of the android source HERE Damn handy! Though […]

  • Flashbuilder 4 issues with generating components in Flash CS5

    I ran into an issue today that was bugging the crap out of me. I kept trying to make graphical components within flash that I could use in a flex project I’m currently working on but whenever I would run the project after embedding them in my library swc I would get this error: Illegal […]

  • Nice conditional coding tip

    Tyler from FCNY turned me on to a nice tip on conditional coding. Let’s take for example we have a variable that we need to associate with another variable. For instance, we pull in some flashvars and need to check if these exist and if not give them a default value. Let’s look at a […]

  • Handy code snippets plugin for Flex/Eclipse

    For all of those unaware of snippets, these are code shortcuts to increase coding productivity and are damn handy. For an extended idea of what you can do with these visit this blog post I ran across: On a side note, the poster doesn’t tell you how to install CFEclipse so I’ll just touch on […]

  • Actionscript 3.0 Client Library for Facebook Platform

    The web seems to have quickly become a social networking extravaganza. Not to mention it feels as though all of these sites have enveloped the concept of open source like crazy. With that in mind, Adobe has recently released a library for actionscript 3 to connect to facebook and retrieve data pretty easily. You can […]

  • latest work

    So lately I’ve been working a lot on the flash for the Luxury Collection brand site. This latest piece I’m finding interesting though. I have a week to complete a video in flash. Normally, I would jsut say “screw it” and be lazy with the tweening. Not this time though. Mainly, because the video needs […]

  • Adding Component Usability from Flex to Your Actionscript Project

    Today I was in need of a quick alert box but realized the mx.controls.Alert is not included in the accessible packages when creating an Actionscript project. Well, after a bit of searching I found it was really quite easy. Though I imagine it bloats your app due to the component libraries added. Here it goes: […]

  • More info

    I was intrigued by yesterdays talk on this AS3 physics engine so I went looking for stuff. Apparently, on top of the APE engine for 2d there’s a 3d engine called the Wow Engine. I’m still in the process of checking out the APE engine but we’ll see how that pans out and this […]

  • Flash Coders

    So today I attended my first flashcodersny meeting. It was pretty informative, though it wasn’t too indepth about the package we were discussing tonight.  It’s called APE or Actionscript Physics Engine. From the brief look I’ve had of it, it seems to be pretty cleanly coded and documented. I’ll be looking more into it in […]

  • Jury Duty?!!?!?

    So today I received my summons to serve in Jury Duty. The other month I was talking about how I think it’s important to serve as a juror and now here it is. Ugh, me and my big mouth. Well, maybe I’ll be able to bring my laptop while I wait to be on a […]