Flashbuilder 4 issues with generating components in Flash CS5

I ran into an issue today that was bugging the crap out of me. I kept trying to make graphical components within flash that I could use in a flex project I’m currently working on but whenever I would run the project after embedding them in my library swc I would get this error:

Illegal override of UIMovieClip in mx.flash.UIMovieClip

After trying to update the command that adobe provides for this I realized that for some reason the library that the component that gets generated by the command to store your library classes for flash integration in flex wasn’t the same that I was using in my project so it was having conflicts. So I deleted that generated component in my library and just pointed to my library I’m using in flashbuilder at “Applications/eclipse/Adobe Flash Builder 4 Plugin/sdks/4.1.0/frameworks/libs” and voila! Worked like a charm!


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