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  • Oh hi there!

    It’s been a while and I’ve been a busy bee. From canvas stuff with EaselJS to developing multi-platform games from Flambe in HaXe I’ve been learning all sorts of new things. I’ll be posting new tidbits of info and nuances about these things that I’ve been learning over the past year and hopefully it’ll help […]

  • Android timer stuff

    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted! Just wanted to toss up some code for creating a timer in android. One would think you would just utilize the java.utils.Timer class but that creates a new thread and can create issues with your application. Plus it’s a pain to access stuff from the timer. […]

  • Uploading multiple images/data to server!

    Oh man what a life saver this was! Super easy to implement and works awesomely so far! Multipart form data in as3 [Class version 1.2] Implementing is as easy as this: jpgEncoder = new JPGEncoder( 100 ) var photo:ByteArray = jpgEncoder.encode( this.getBitmapData( photoBitmap) ); var thumbnail:ByteArray = jpgEncoder.encode( this.getBitmapData(thumbnailBitmap) ); var ml:MultipartURLLoader = new MultipartURLLoader(); […]

  • setting properties at runtime from xml or css

    Mainly this is just a post to remind myself in later times about this code snippet but basically this will work with any class with accessible variables. Take an xml node such as You can use this snippet to parse through those attributes to set all of your variables for you assuming they exist in […]

  • Dynamic class property retrieval

    I’m taking a break from the pattern tutorials for the moment to write the as3 facebook connect integration library I’ve been meaning to write. With that said, here’s a little method I didn’t realize was around to pull properties from classes. Normally the method you can pull properties available within an object, but this […]

  • Spiraling through a matrix

    As I was saying in my previous post, I ran into a little trickiness with circling through the squares in my matrix of squares. Now there may be a better way to do this, and by all means if there is let me know, but here is the best way I figured out how to […]

  • Papervision 3D Audio Matrix

    I’m in the process of getting to know Papervision 3D more finally. With that I decided to play around with it and music. I created a group of squares and each squares Z axis is controlled by a byteArray set with SoundMixer.computeSpectrum. I run through the byteArray, assigning each square it’s own Z pos based […]

  • the down lo on ExternalInterface and javascript injection via actionscript 3

    Yesterday I did a presentation on ExternalInterface and it’s uses along with how to inject javascript on the page and a few other tidbits at FlashCodersNY. Here’s the zip file with the project we went over. Whether you were there or not you should still be able to easily follow along since there’s tons of […]

  • Flex 3 Professional free for the unemployed!

    Currently Adobe is offering flex free for anybody who is unemployed! It’s only to be used with non commercial projects as a means to learn with but that’s just awesome. For anyone interested, you can pick it up here:

  • What the Heck are Runtime Shared Libraries?

    So keeping in the topic from my previous post of low overhead flash apps, I decided to talk a little bit about runtime shared libraries. So what are Runtime Shared Libraries? These are libraries that are used just like you normally use your libraries in Flex 3 but instead of storing them within the swf, […]