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  • Dynamic class property retrieval

    I’m taking a break from the pattern tutorials for the moment to write the as3 facebook connect integration library I’ve been meaning to write. With that said, here’s a little method I didn’t realize was around to pull properties from classes. Normally the for..in method you can pull properties available within an object, but this […]

  • Singleton Pattern introduction

    Staying on the course of my tutorial kick I’m now moving to the Singleton pattern. Understanding this pattern will help later in understanding patterns such as the Factory Pattern which I will be discussing later. Another pattern, or rather anti-pattern according to some, is called the Singleton Pattern. The Singleton pattern, as the name implies, […]

  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) introduction simplified

    It recently came to my attention that while working alone I have lost a bit of the ability to explain programming patterns. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about them, as I use variations of them in everyday work, but I’ve just lost touch with the ability to easily explain the workings of them. So what […]

  • See the code Flex generates for you

    A fascinating way of seeing all the code that the mxmlc compiler generates from your flex apps is to set a compiler flag for your project. -keep This takes all the generated code from your mxml files and places it in a “generated” folder in your src folder. This is great because it gives you […]

  • Spiraling through a matrix

    As I was saying in my previous post, I ran into a little trickiness with circling through the squares in my matrix of squares. Now there may be a better way to do this, and by all means if there is let me know, but here is the best way I figured out how to […]

  • Papervision 3D Audio Matrix

    I’m in the process of getting to know Papervision 3D more finally. With that I decided to play around with it and music. I created a group of squares and each squares Z axis is controlled by a byteArray set with SoundMixer.computeSpectrum. I run through the byteArray, assigning each square it’s own Z pos based […]

  • FireBugLogger class update

    So a while ago I wrote a class that I called FireBugLogger that uses the console.debug as well as the rest of the FireBug method calls. Today I came across a great way to help the other developers that may be implementing your flash on the html side. Though you’ll have to call the debug […]

  • crossdomain gateway or “How can I get that data!”

    A lot of sites today are very open with their APIs allowing users from other sites to retrieve their data, but sometimes you’ll come across websites that may not have that same open access. When their sites limit the access that other sites can retrieve data from via the crossdomain file it’s frustrating to say […]

  • the down lo on ExternalInterface and javascript injection via actionscript 3

    Yesterday I did a presentation on ExternalInterface and it’s uses along with how to inject javascript on the page and a few other tidbits at FlashCodersNY. Here’s the zip file with the project we went over. Whether you were there or not you should still be able to easily follow along since there’s tons of […]

  • Javascript injection via as3 to embed external libraries

    On my quest to make the facebook actionscript connectivity as easy to work with as possible I needed to be able to reproduce the call in order for everything to work appropriately. After some searching I came across a clip of code that worked beautifully