Facebook Chat Api

Previously, I posted about facebook and adobe working together to create a library in actionscript. The unfortunate thing seems to be the lack of support for the facebook chat app. But going into the facebook website and looking at the net activity reveals somthing interesting that I may be able to build upon.

You’ll notice a url similar to this:
http://[number].channel[number].facebook.com/x/[number]/false/p_[user_id]=[sequence number]

the only thing I’m for certain about at the moment is the user_id and the sequence number. The user id is, of course, obviously your user id. The sequence number seems to be based on the number of calls to the service made within the chat.

I’ll post again when I get something up and running to test with. I want to run some more tests and see the possiblity of using this to integrate with the facebook actionscript api.

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