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  • code reviewing and tons of debugging info!

    In the last month or so I’ve been tasked with reviewing a project for performance profiling and just code cleanup in general. It’s been quite a task as I wasn’t familiar with a single part of the code so finding tools to aid in this is uber helpful. With that in mind, here are a […]

  • Spiraling through a matrix

    As I was saying in my previous post, I ran into a little trickiness with circling through the squares in my matrix of squares. Now there may be a better way to do this, and by all means if there is let me know, but here is the best way I figured out how to […]

  • Papervision 3D Audio Matrix

    I’m in the process of getting to know Papervision 3D more finally. With that I decided to play around with it and music. I created a group of squares and each squares Z axis is controlled by a byteArray set with SoundMixer.computeSpectrum. I run through the byteArray, assigning each square it’s own Z pos based […]

  • crossdomain gateway or “How can I get that data!”

    A lot of sites today are very open with their APIs allowing users from other sites to retrieve their data, but sometimes you’ll come across websites that may not have that same open access. When their sites limit the access that other sites can retrieve data from via the crossdomain file it’s frustrating to say […]

  • Facebook API

    So I’m still unsure about the SendLiveMessage, but I believe it will only work for users that have accepted the application on their facebook account. On another note, the one thing that’s bugging me about the facebook actionscript api is the inability to login seamlessly. But I think I’ve figured out a way to get […]

  • Facebook chat update

    [Quick Update] I discovered there’s actually a class in the actionscript api called SendLiveMessage. Not sure yet if I can utilize this to listen for updates from facebook but it’s a start.

  • Facebook Chat Api

    Previously, I posted about facebook and adobe working together to create a library in actionscript. The unfortunate thing seems to be the lack of support for the facebook chat app. But going into the facebook website and looking at the net activity reveals somthing interesting that I may be able to build upon. You’ll notice […]

  • Flex 3 Professional free for the unemployed!

    Currently Adobe is offering flex free for anybody who is unemployed! It’s only to be used with non commercial projects as a means to learn with but that’s just awesome. For anyone interested, you can pick it up here:

  • Embedding htmlText in your TextArea control

    So I’m currently working on my first mxml project at work (I’ve done other stuff but not at work so they were much less involved). I realized a little in to the project that using the TextArea control can be a bit of a pain the ass at times. Namely, I couldn’t find a way […]

  • Flash CS4

    It’s been a while since my last post. Right now I’m at my weekly nerd meeting (flashcodersny) and Colin Smith is going over Adobe Flash CS4. Holy crap it’s awesome! Soooo many various things I can’t even begin to describe. From 3d to things similar to soemthing akin to Poser. But it’s kind of limited. […]